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TITLE: A Garden of Shawls
AUTHOR: Karen Whooley
PUBLISHER: Occhi Blu Press

ISBN-13: 978-0-972-3232-2-2
DIMENSIONS: 7 x 10 inches

ISBN-13: 978-0-972-3232-3-9

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A Garden of Shawls - A Delightful Collection of Crocheted Shawls by  Karen Whooley

Award winning crochet author and designer, Karen Whooley, has just released her newly self-published collection of shawl designs.  Karen brings her unique blend of style influenced by her needlecraft heritage to this group of garden-themed shawls.  Each of the 12 shawls combines her love of Italian lace and engaging construction in these projects designed for today’s crocheter.

“After a long hiatus, I am finally going back to the my crochet roots.” said author Karen Whooley. “ My grandmother taught me Italian laces during most of my grade school years, and after stepping away for quite a while, I believe that it is time to bring back the history and the art of lace. I have made what I learned much more accessible to new crocheters and have added a modern twist.”

The projects are worked using lace weight to fingering weight yarns, and are suitable for every crocheter who is comfortable with basic crochet stitches.  Each pattern includes charts, a special stitches section, as well as written text to help the crafter work easily and comfortably through the pattern.  The book also contains hints and information on how to adjust the shawls to work with heavier yarns and to customize a design to your personal taste.

Written with Karen’s exceptional eye for detail, the book has a lovely variety of styles, shapes and designs to choose from, and Karen’s easygoing, down-to-earth approach will have you creating a whole collection of beautiful shawls in no time!


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A Garden of Shawls by Karen Whooley

Picture an elegant ornamental garden. Can you see it? It’s full of lovely flowers peeking through the picket fences, swaying in the breeze, turning skyward to the warmth of the sun.  It’s a haven from a busy work day.  A place to wander on a cool evening with a lacy shawl draped around your shoulders. A place to daydream...

A Garden of Shawls includes 12 beautiful lace shawls that evoke that feeling of being in a beautiful garden.  Made with either fingering or lace weight yarns each shawl will inspire you to create your own slice of heaven. Find out more at


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Also available: A Garden of Shawls - Print Cover Art (PDF)



Karen Whooley is a Washington State-based crochet designer. She develops patterns and teaches classes for crocheters who want simplicity and elegance wrapped up in adventure.

She is the author of books in both knit and crochet and teaches crochet classes worldwide with an emphasis on technique driven classes. She enjoys teaching at shops, guilds and shows around the country.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys hanging out with her husband, David and their college-age children. Karen loves NFL Football, listening to 1980s rock music, gardening, and enjoying the Pacific Northwest. Her website is


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