Hello and welcome! I'm KAREN WHOOLEY.

Crochet is my PASSION!


Crochet Design

I have been designing crochet patterns pretty much all my life. Learning from my Nonna who didnt speak or read English, I learned everything in Italian, and my background in crochet is in Italian Laces.

I have been designing high-quality, fun-to-make and wear patterns since 1998. Along with being featured in a multitude of magazines and books, I now produce my own independent line of patterns and books.

Crochet Instruction

I have taught both private group crochet classes for more than 20 years and since 2004 I have been a national instructor. My classes both online and live are some of the most sought after in the crochet genre. Crochet is my passion and I want to take that passion and inspire crocheters in any way I can. Most importantly, I want to bring each crocheter self-confidence and enable them to take what they have learned from my classes so that they can happily create whatever spurs their own crochet passion.

Values and Quality

My business is so much more than designing patterns. I have made it my mission to be sure that not only my patterns are of high quality and error free as possible, but that your experience with my patterns and classes are of the highest caliber. That means you can expect amazing support, respect for your time, detailed yet simple-to-make patterns and inspiring and fun classes.

Supporting Indie and Small Businesses

I am a big believer of supporting local and small independent businesses. I shop local as much as possible for my family, for gifts, food and just about anything else.

That spills out into my business as well. My goal is to support small businesses and indie dyers with my patterns. In doing this, I support my local yarn shops, local yarn companies and indie dyers worldwide.

Are you an independent dyer or small business that would like to talk about a collaboration? Please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas. Just use the form below.

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