Become a Contract Crocheter

What is a Contract Crocheter?

A Contract Crochet is paid to make the models I use in my books and other published patterns.  I will supply the yarn, pattern and support to have you complete the project.  You will be paid a flat fee based on the contract you sign.

At this time – only USA Based crocheters may become a Contract Crocheter due to shipping costs. Also, I do ask that you have at least 5 current and consistent years of being a crocheter.

How do you become a contractor?

To become a contractor, you will first need to sign up for my call list below

The call will include steps to sign up for the next audition group. I dont hold them more than once a year unless I have lost a great number of crocheters in between due to time constraints or other reasons.

Each audition will include a first round of interviewing by seeing projects on the web and contacting any references you have. After that round, the 2nd round will include an audition of following directions and seeing swatches that you make based on instructions I give you. After that pass, I will select the finalists who will be added to my team.

Its about a 6 week process from start to finish.

Currently I am not auditioning, but please to sign up on the list so that you can be notified!

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