Monday Motivation - Word of the Year

Every year in the month of December, I plan for the coming year.  This includes everything from my spiritual life to my business.  Every year I have a word that guides me through the year and this year I chose - JOY!

 JOY - My Word of the Year - Karen Whooley

2017 has been a fantastic year for me!  I self-published a book that has been so well received that I am still reeling.  I have another book that I being released shortly.  My family is healthy and thriving.

2017 has also been a year of frustration for me. My mom is not well.  Early in the year, I was dealing with major Asthma issues and then this summer I fell down a flight of stairs in my house and did a lot of damage to my left knee, tibia, and ankle.  I am finally starting to see the light at the end of my health tunnel but looking back, I can see that it took a lot of joy out of me.

As I have been reflecting on 2017 and how to move forward in 2018, one thing came clear.  I need to bring back the JOY in my life again.

How do I bring back that JOY?  Well, I think it is in the little things.

  • Things like getting up when the alarm goes off instead of hitting the snooze button for a few more minutes of sleep. By getting up I don't run the risk of being late getting started in the studio or for appointments. 
  • Things like going to church for morning mass before I do anything else to thank my Lord for a new day and to ask for His help in all I do.
  • Things like heading to the gym 3-5 days a week to get my body moving right again.  Not only will it be helpful in healing my injuries, but it also helps keep my asthma in check and help me to lose the 40 pounds of weight I gained in the 9 months I was on steroids to control it.
  • Things like making more time for family, friends and just sitting in silence.
  • Things like creating those patterns and books that make me happy.
  • Things like connecting more often with all of you!

So one new thing you will start seeing in 2018 is what I am calling Monday Motivation.  Starting in the new year, every Monday that it is possible, I will post a motivational reflection or something on that line that will help motivate for the upcoming week. I think by having a weekly writing/planning/reflection post will help me to remember that everything I do, I need to do because it will bring me JOY.

Everything I write will be written through the lens of JOY.  The good, the lessons, the plans, the frustrations. I hope that in the process these reflections will also become motivational for you as well.

So be watching starting the 2nd week of January for the Monday Motivations. Who knows where they will lead me!