Crochet Projects That Will Hook You!

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I am so excited to share with you a new book I wrote, that is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Crochet Projects That Will Hook You

If you have a child in your family aged 9 - 14, this book is for them!  Designed to give lessons in crochet using projects that teach the basics and each pattern builds upon the skills learned in the previous project.

We start with information about, tools, yarn weights, and terminology then starts with the first project that teaches the chain stitch, shoelaces.  From there they build their stitch skills with finger-less mitts, a hat, scarf and more.  There are even lessons on decreasing and crocheting pieces together. All with learning to read patterns too! By the time your child finishes the book they will have learned a multitude of skills that will allow them to move forward with other patterns they find in stores and online.

One thing I have heard from the publisher, Capstone Publishing, is that even adults are clamoring for the projects so it might be a fun book to have in your arsenal - even if it is just for the patterns.

Here are some project photos from the book. Just click on a photo to enlarge.

The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. It is print only and is a hardcover version. But since Christmas shopping is in swing right now, I thought I would share another option for you.

Also, this book is included in a larger craft book by the same publisher that includes Knitting, Felting, and Seamless Sewing - just in case you are interested.

I really love the projects in Crochet Projects That Will Hook You, and I hope you will too. I know this will be a fun book to work with your child, grandchild or even in a school, scout or club setting!