Book Review: Cable Crochet Made Easy

Disclaimer: I received this book gratis from the publisher for an honest review. This post also contains some Amazon Affiliate Links.  See my Disclosures page for more detail about what this means.

 Book Review - Cable Crochet Made Easy by Bonnie Barker

My friend Bonnie Barker of Bonnie Bay Crochet has a brand new book on the market, Cable Crochet Made Easy. This is her first foray into self-publishing and I think she did a marvelous job!

 Cable Crochet Made Easy - Book Review

In this book, Bonnie has 18 brand new cabled designs to share with you. Included are hats, gloves, mitts and even some gorgeous ponchos, there is absolutely a wonderful project there just for you!

If you know Bonnie, she specializes in cables. This book has projects that are simple and practical and most do not even have a seam (my personal favorite part!) All the patterns are written beautifully!

Along with the cover pattern, here are three of my favorites!

What I think was especially intuitive is that every pattern comes with a link to videos actually have Bonnie teaching you how to make each pattern.  She will literally walk you through step by step! The videos are only available if you purchase the book so this is definitely added content that makes the book a very worth-while purchase.  These videos are well done and Bonnie is an excellent instructor who smoothly transitions from one idea to the next. I think that if you want the best reason to get a copy of this book in your library - these videos are it!

Because my followers are so chart-savvy, one thing I must note is that Bonnie mentions in the introduction that she intentionally left out stitch charts. She feels that they are hard to read when you are working cables. It was her intention to make up for those charts with the video. While I agree that the video will help everyone who might be making the patterns in this book, if you would rather have a chart than reading words, you may find this book to be a little more difficult for you to work through the projects. 

All in all, I love this book.  It would make a great gift for your favorite crocheter - and most especially yourself!

Cable Crochet Made Easy is now available on Amazon in Print and in Kindle format.