While all of my patterns have more than one set eyes on them before they are released (tech edited, charted and in many cases tested too) every once in a while an error gets through.  We are all human so as soon as I know of an issue, I will post it here. Just click on the pattern name to see the erratta.

Indie Patterns

Image 1.jpg


1) Round 6 of the leg stitch count at the end of the row should be: (32 [38, 42, 48] Esc)
2) When starting the cuff, you should switch to the smaller hook size listed.



A Garden of Shawls


At the end of row 3, it should state dc in last sc – not dc.


  • On the written pattern; Rows 3, 7, and 11 should have a chain-1 before and after the V-sts; the Chart is correct.
  • On the edging, the chart shows the center Fan to only have 7 trs.  It should show 9 trs as the written pattern states.  


At the end of rows 4, 8, 88 and 100, it should state do not turn.